Postepay Payment Option

Postepay is an electronic prepaid card which is specifically designed to help Italian buyers to effectively and securely shop online. It can be used up to a sum of €2,500/year among any MasterCard online outlet, with a limit of €999 per single transaction. You can get it with just a few clicks and it will be immediately active. It can be recharged both online and offline in several different ways.

Get a Postepay Prepaid Card

In order to get your Postepay prepaid card with only a few clicks, please use the convenient link which you will find at the bottom of this page. You will be able to register online and request your card. Once you receive your new account identification data, you can use them to load your card, check your balance, pay for your bills or play online at Postepay casinos. Your card can be loaded in any post office, ATMs, SISAL kiosks and authorized tobacco shops.

You will certainly appreciate the next important banking feature of Postepay cards: they can be used to withdraw payments, like to cash out Postepay casino gains or similar. This makes your life easier in the sense that you can use the same card for both deposits and withdrawals at our Postepay casino cashier. Additional information is available in Italian in Postepay’s excellent website here.

Additional Postepay Advantages

In addition to being an ideal option for your Postepay casinos adventures, your Postepay prepaid card enables you to find great bargains on Postepay Deals, have fun with Postepay Fun, check your discounts with Sconti BancoPosta and many more great online services.

In addition, you can ask to replace your virtual Postepay prepaid card with a physical (plastic) Postepay NewGift card. This service costs €5 and it can be done at more than 14,000 post offices in Italy. This might be interesting for those who want to use their Postepay card not only on the Web but also in regular town shops.

If you want to get your e-Postepay prepaid card now, here is a convenient link for you:

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